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Payment Terms and Conditions

Payment is due within the agreed terms upon receipt or else such payments will be subject to an interest charge of 1.5% per month until paid and any collection costs or fees incurred (unless special terms were arranged). Accounts with unpaid balances over sixty (60) days will be placed on credit hold. Advantage Aviation Technologies II, LLC reserves the right to modify or withdraw credit terms and/or credit limits at any time without notice, and to require guaranteed security or payment in advance for the amount of the order.

Shipments to customers, who have not established credit terms will be made on a C.O.D. basis to include the following below: charged to a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express only will include 3% administration charge) or domestic wire transfer, or $28 charge for each international wire transfer.

The bank transfer information is available upon request. Invoices will be sent at the time of shipment. Payments from customers who have been given open terms will be mailed to the address shown on the invoice.

All payments for work completed shall be due upon delivery to customer, unless, Advantage Aviation Technologies (AAT) and Customer have agreed in writing to credit terms for payment. Title to all parts and materials, regardless of completion of work, shall not pass to customer or any other representative until pain full by the Customer and payment is received by AAT.

Customer is liable for all freight charges incurred. The amount of all Federal, State or Local taxes and levies applicable to the sale shall be added to the invoice amount, except where the Customer shall furnish an appropriate certificate of exemption. Customer holds AAT harmless from the payment or the imposition of any tax imposed for any articles sold and for any work performed under the provision of any state sales and use tax including any penalties, interest or attorneys’ fees.

Customer agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys' fees, storage fees, costs and expenses incurred by AAT as a consequence of not-payment of the invoiced amount. Customer grants to AAT a lien and security interest with respect to the work performed hereunder and the part(s) sold. An interest rate, maximum allowed by law (but not in excess of the maximum rate permitted by law), shall be applied to all accounts commencing thirty days form the date of invoice until the date on which the full invoice amount is paid.

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