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Airbus Helicopters Oil-Hydraulic Tank Leak Repair

Due to extreme conditions and wear, Airbus Oil Tank/Hydraulic tanks suffer cracks, dents and disfigurement.

Design Improvement Solution 

AAT repairs this damage with state of the art welding techniques and procedures that not only repair this damage and cracks but also deter further cracking in the repaired areas.

AAT has an FAA approved repair that provides an updated, replaceable site glass that prevents your operation from having to scrap the tank...saving your operation time and money.

AAT provides a superior and complete disfigurement-crack correction, with pressure testing and disfigurement corrections.

Part Numbers:
366A75-3019-01, 366A75-3380-01, 703A53-01360-1801, 703A53-000-004, 703A53-0000-01,
365A52-1360-1801,365A531360-1151, 365A53-1360-1602, 365A53-8013-01, 365A53-8013-03, 365A75-2960-00, 365A75-2966-00, 365A75-4017-00, 365A75-4023-00, 117-67171-02, 117-67172-02, 350A75-1010-0001, 350A75-4005-02, 355A75-1330-04